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Targeted RNA Cancer Panel

Targeted RNA Sequencing (Targeted RNA-Seq) increases coverage for a subset of “high interest” transcripts to reliably detect sequence changes and provide information about relative expression levels. In addition, it is a powerful tool to identify chromosomal rearrangements that lead to chimeric transcripts with functional consequences in cancer. RNA Cancer Panel Services use specially-designed,  gene-specific oligonucleotides to target regions of interest for next-generation sequencing. In a single experiment, this approach generates genomic and gene-expression information that cannot be obtained by any other single method. As such, targeted RNA-Seq is well suited for a wide range of large-scale tumour-profiling studies in many clinical or research settings.

A robust and sensitive method to detect a wide range of RNA sequence alterations present in cancer cells: 

  1. has a very high specificity
  2. reduces the amount of sequencing and consequently costs, required to identify mutations and other cancer-associated variants
  3. differences in transcript abundance are generally preserved
  4. information that reflects function, such gene fusion, can be obtained

As a leading service provider in next-generation sequencing, Microgem strives to provide the most reliable and comprehensive service at the lowest prices. We have integrated a wide range of bioinformatics analysis tools into our Targeted RNA-Seq services such that customers can focus on the most interesting and relevant information from their experimental results.