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16S rDNA Metagenome Sequencing

16S rDNA Metagenome Sequencing allows powerful insight into the composition of mixed microbial communities, enabling researchers to explore environmental samples and microbiome samples to a much deeper level than possible before. Microgem’s 16S Metagenome Sequencing service creates Illumina compatible libraries containing both the V3 and V4 hypervariable regions in the gene, but can easily be modified to examine different regions or different genes. With multiplexing capabilities, up to 108 metagenome samples can be sequenced on a single MiSeq run.

Key features for Metagenome Sequencing service

  • Sequencing Platform
    •  Illumina MiSeq
  • Sequencing Scale
    • 25 million reads per MiSeq run
    • Sequence up to 108 samples simultaneously
  • Starting Material
    • >15ng of Genomic DNA
  • Sequencing Type
    • 250 paired end sequencing
    • 300 paired end sequencing
  • Library Type
    • 337F and 805R amplicon (V3-V4 region)
    • Other regions available upon customer request
  • Bioinformatics Analyses
    • Contig assembly
    • OTU clustering and classification
    • Alpha diversity and beta diversity analyses
  • Turn-around Time
    • 3-5 weeks from sample receipt
  • Data Storage
    • 3 months


Exploratory Bioinformatics Analyses

Microgem offers exploratory bioinformatics analyses for metagenome samples from OTU classification to alpha/beta diversity analyses to facilitate your next discovery. See our sample report for more details.


  1. Sequencing results in FASTQ format
  2. OTU sequences in FASTA format (If applicable)
  3. OTU classification table and figures (If applicable)
  4. QC and analysis report