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Circular RNA Sequencing

The sequencing of circular RNA, otherwise known as circRNA, is a hot new field emerging in recent years. While the detection of these RNAs was first done in the 1990’s, they were not universally accepted and specifically studied until 2013. Circular RNAs appear to have a wide and complex range of functions which have yet to be fully understood, and Microgem’s circRNA-seq service is poised to allow researchers the ability to advance research in this new and exciting field.

This service combines the use of RNase R and the TruSeq stranded mRNA Library Preparation Kit by Illumina to create sequencing libraries compatible with the NextSeq machine. abm also offers analysis of circRNA-Seq services. This analysis includes alignment of the data with BWA-MEM, a split-read mapper, and circular RNA identification and characterization with CIRI2, a bioinformatics tool which detects circRNAs from RNA-Seq data using filtration strategies.

This tool will output a list of all circRNAs found in the sequenced data with their genomic positions, whether they are intergenic, intronic or exonic, and the gene ID associated with it which may be critical in elucidating their function(s).

Sample data generated from 10µg of total RNA from K562 cells yielded an output of more than 4,800 identified circular RNAs from 20 million reads of paired end sequencing data.

Key features for circRNA Sequencing service: 

  • Efficient detection of circular RNAs and their genomic location through paired end sequencing.
  • Guaranteed, high-quality data read-out of sample(s).
  • Sample submission guidelines  are  the same as our standard RNA-Seq service (total RNA is sufficient).
  • Strandedness is preserved.

Included in circRNA Sequencing service

  • RNase R treatment to enrich for circular RNA species by degrading both rRNA and other linear RNA fragments.
  • Library preparation and sequencing with the Illumina NextSeq 500.
  • Bioinformatics analysis through CIRI2, which outputs a list of identified circular RNAs.
  • Pre library QC (Qubit/Agilent Bioanalyzer) and post-sequencing QC (FastQC).
  • 3 months FREE storage of raw