Microgem is an extension of the years of the service and experience provided by its older partner, Microtech. Microtech and subsequently, Microgem, were founded by the Papagno family. The idea is to provide the researchers with the skills of genetics, genomics, biology and bioinformatics developed by collaborating with experts from major research centers in Italy.

Microgem’s mission is to exploit, in economic terms, the results of scientific research by bringing new technologies, new processes and services developed within these research centers.

In recent years, universities and research institutes have increased their involvement in technology transfer processes in favor of the productive world, parallel to institutional training and research. Collaboration with Universities and Public Research Institutes, among which CNR, is critical to the growth of small business competitiveness.

Microgem aims to serve as a guide between knowledge transfer, innovation, and employability. Microgem believes in the power of the young researchers by recruting, employing, and ultimately creating an encouraging atmosphere for the young researchers to continue working in research.

The Microgem has its own laboratory at the Federico II University of Naples, which is used for research and production of services. The Microgem has invested its own capital for the purchase   of   equipment   used   in the routine (Laminar Flow Hood, CO2 Incubators, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Agitators,   Thermostatic   Baths),  Next Generation Sequencing Platforms, Microarrays and Protein Arrays, Synthesis of Oligonucleotides, Sequencers with Sanger Chemistry, Sample Processing Equipment including Bioanalyzers, Real-Time PCR Thermocyclators, Micro Volumetric Spectrophotometers.