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Sanger Sequencing

Automated DNA sequencing is an indispensable tool for obtaining high-quality sequences that can be used for publication in scientific journals and to be included in databases.

Microgem Lab offers “Sanger Sequencing” service.

Single strand DNA (ssDNAs) or double strand DNA (dsDNAs) and PCR products can be sequenced with reads greater than 800 bp and a reliability of > 99%.

  • Sample Requirements -
    • Purified PCR products <1 kb, 5 ng/100 bp, 15 ul
    • Purified PCR products ≥1kb, 100 ng, 15 ul
    • Non purified PCR products 20 ul
    • Primers 10 ul at 2 uM
    • Plasmid 400 ng
    • DNA samples are required to have an OD 260/280 ratio ≥7-2.0 and 260/230 ratio≥1.8-2.2
  • Standard Sequencing – (plasmids and PCR products)
  • Sequencing “Primer Walking” (sequencing of DNA fragments in the range of 1 to 10 kb)

On request, it is possible to purify PCR products or prepare plasmid DNA from bacterial transformations.

Features of the service:

  • Optimize the choice of the most suitable oligonucleotides to optimize the procedure and ensure excellent sequencing quality.
  • Sequencing complex templates and sequences rich in GC residues.

    Free storage of DNA template and custom primers synthesized for the two months following sequencing.

  • Digital storage of sequencing data for one year.
  • Option to rearrange complete plate sequencing within 2 months of first sequencing.
  • Customer service – Free feasibility analysis for complex sequencing.
  • In case of run failure, the reaction will be repeated by modifying the protocol where necessary.

    Our agent will take samples to be sequenced at your lab without any additional charge.


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