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RNA Extraction

Microgem Lab offers the high quality “RNA extraction” service from biological samples for any application, including our “Gene expression analysis”, “miRNA expression analysis”, “qPCR analysis” services.

The RNA isolation service is available for the following types of samples:

  • cellular lines
  • frozen tissues
  • whole blood
  • bacteria
  • plants
  • plasma and serum

The quality and quantity of RNA extracted is assessed using Bioanalyzer and MaestroNano instruments.

Sample Requirements -

  • Fresh tissues (100 mg) should be preserved in RNAlater according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Cellular pellets (1-5×106) should be frozen at -80°C after the harvest
  • Whole blood (1 ml) should be collected in EDTA and stored at -80°C
  • Plasma and serum (1 ml) should be stored at -80°C